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Bidets BB-50 / BB-60 / BB-80 / BB-100 Installation

1. Shut off the incoming water to the toilet at the wall valve and drain the toilet’s water tank by flushing it.

2. Disconnect the existing flexible hose or pipe that connects the wall valve to the toilet tank, at the toilet tank connection.

3. Hand tighten the “Shut-off valve” connector to the connection in the bottom of the toilet tank. Make sure to place the rubber washer inside the “Shut-off valve” connector.

4. Reconnect the existing flexible hose, to the end of the “Shut-off valve” connector at the toilet tank.

5. Place the washers in the supplied “Long Flexible Hose” and connect it to the “Shut-off valve” connector.

6. Place the hose “Hanger” on the wall and hang the new Blue Bidet.

7. Turn on the wall's water suply valve.

NOTE: If any water leaks occur, please check that all connections are properly tightened and rubber washers are in place.

For more details, see instructions included with the product.



 Bidet BB-50 / BB-60 / BB-80 / BB-100 Instructions for Use

1. Take the BB-50 / BB-60 / BB-80 / BB-100.

2. Turn on the pressure control valve.

3. Direct the hand-held bidet where you want to use it and press the water pressure lever.

4. When finished: TURN OFF the pressure control valve and hang the bidet in the support.