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Our Bidet Toilet Seats in the News

Here at Blue Bidet, we're proud to say that our bidet toilet seats have made the news in various publications including blogs, local newspapersand even international magazines. Including:


Blue Bidet in Treehugger - Article 1

Blue Bidet in Treehugger - Article 2


Blue Bidet recommended by Dr. Mercola


Blue Bidet gets international recognition at DDmagazine


Our bidet for toilets has become known for the way it helps to conserve paper and promote toilet hygiene.


Our Blue Bidets have also been featured in other sites and blogs like:

Tips of All Sorts


INFO Blogs



On various blogs, people have featured their toilet with our bidet fixtures. While some have simply put their thoughts about our toilet seat bidet to words, others have taken videos of their review, proving that Blue Bidet products must be seen in action!


Watch as some of our customers share their experience with our Blue Bidet toilet seats!


Aside from the bidet toilet attachment that everyone is raving about, we also offer hand-held bidets for the budget-conscious customer. These work just as efficiently as our bidet toilet seats, while offering flexibility and affordability.

Read on and find out how you can enhance your toilet with our bidet fixtures. With an easy to install design that doesn't need electricity, our bidet for toilets is sure to provide you with a cleaner experience and allow you to help conserve the environment.