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A great product. Replacement for a different brand which was made of metal, but had continued problems with the unit leaking intermittently which ruined the laminate flooring. The metal parts started to corrode and the leakage increased. Have had no issues thus far with the Blue Bidet! It works the way advertised, is made of non-corroding materials, easy to clean around, and we love the product.
Thanks for a great product! I will be buying another one for our other bathroom!

--Charles from Sherwood, Arkansas.

Well....what a great product. Had a different brand which was made of metal...wrong. The metal parts started to rust, corrode and fall apart after less than a year. It never worked properly because the arm moved 'all over the place', which made it useless.That is not so with the Blue Bidet! It works the way a bidet should and is made of non-corroding materials.
Thanks again for a great product! I am buying another one for my second bathroom!

--George H.K. from somewhere I'm sure.

Thanks for the great service in your delivery... received in 27 hours. Installation was very easy. I only had to shim up the toilet seat from the Bidet frame unit with some of my own material as for the unusual configuration of the seat. It did not lay flush on the commode rim. Looks like a fine product. Haven't had one since living in the Philippines a number of years ago. I have already recommended to others.

--C.J. from far away lands?

This is the first time that I use this product. I try this yesterday its amazing who ever invented this is a genius. I would like to say that the product has many advantages for personal hygiene use. One of the many advantages are the daily uses, it prevents bacteria or fungi in the intimate parts of the human body. Some people are still completely unaware about the benefits of this product. I recommend you to buy this product.

--Isayana C. from who knows where?

All I can say is that I LOVE the clean feeling that 'only' a shower can give me, now my Blue Bidet gives me the same right out of the shower feeling of being clean! I have Crohn's disease and use the bathroom sometimes several times a day, using toilet paper was irritating, but this bidet is AWESOME!

--Warren from no one knows!

Received the BB-50today, two days after ordering. Installed approx 15 mins later, no leaks,apparently a quality product. Replacing a product purchased overseas which required trips to the hardware store to make it work.

--Thomas from Flemming Isl. FL

I was more than a little skeptical when my wife suggested that we install a bidet but I've become a convert. After installing the bidet and actually using it several times I was so favorably impressed with that "really clean feeling" that I bought another one for the master bath, this time the BB-3000 with warm water. Wish I had bought this back when our daughters were still living with us. The savings in toilet paper alone would have paid for it. Save your money and get the better product, the Blue Bidet.

--Gene from he didn't say!

This is the first time I've used one of these things. I love it. Feel so clean and all that stuff.Saving on T-paper and all. Overall a great product.

--Todd from Cleveland, OH

This bidet is very easy to install. It took less than 10 minutes to attach. I would highly recommend this product, it works perfectly.

--Tom from San Jose, CA

Had a different bidet brand that is way inferior to this brand. Two thumbs up to Blue Bidet, it's easy to install, looks clean and feels clean. I would highly recommend this one.

--C. Saldivar from San Francisco, CA

This is a great product. If you do your research you'll find you get two extra important features with this unit (the BB-1000) for only a little bit more money compared to the competition. The self-cleaning nozzle feature and the adjustable nozzle are significant pluses for this unit, and I wouldn't want to be without them.

--Robert from somewhere for sure!

I bought theBB-1000 for my wife and little did I know I would be using it to. I installed it in25 minutes and it is working great. I was very impressed with the power and how well it was made.. If your thinking of buying a bidet, this is the one to get. Alsohas a couple of nice options like self cleaning, and optional aim positions. Great Buy. I am very happy.

--Frank from Florida

The Blue Bidet is really easy to install and works great. I would recommend it highly to anyone that wants a bidet. It really cuts down on toilet paper usage too.

--Al from Maryland

I read about this product on Mercola's website. I have always been curious about the bidet technology, but couldn't afford to buy one. When I saw this unit I weighed the paper savings vs the cost of manufacturing this unit. After way too much deliberation, I decided to take the plunge and I couldn't be happier! What a great unit! I was concerned about the cold water as I didn't want to go to the trouble of tying into the hot water line, but I find that the cool water is not an issue a tall. So glad I purchased this unit and highly recommend it.

--Janney from Brandenton, FL

This product is awesome and the customer service is a plus. I am giving them 5 stars!

--Mohamed from Los Angeles, CA

An excellent product, easy to install and requires very little maintenance. I've owned theBB-1000 for over a year and it's ruined me for toilet paper alone!

--Ali from Cambridge, MA

Your Bidets have functioned flawlessly. They were easier to install and are easier to clean than the metal bidets they replaced.

--Ralph from Boynton Beach, FL

The Bidet is a godsend to those with hemorrhoids, and should be in every bathroom in America, just as bidets are in Europe and Latin America.

--Tony from Sarasota, FL

The installation was easier than I thought it would be, it was great to have all of the necessary components in the kit, I did not have to make a trip to the hardware store to get it installed.

--Andrew from Dearborn Heights, MI

I had wanted a bidet for 30 years and had a regular one but my bathroom could not accommodate it,so your Bidet was the perfect answer!

-- Irene from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I have bought two Bidets and have been very satisfied. They are great in supplying me in a very timely and polite way. Thank you!

-- George from Miami, FL

For me, I like the fact of using water to clean my underside, I feel much cleaner than just using TP. Less paper in the toilet means easier flushes too!

--Andrew from Dearborn Heights, MI