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Blue Bidet BB-1500: Masterpiece Bidet Ambient Water Temperature self-cleaning nozzle attachable bidet, comes with a free portable bidet BB-20

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High quality attachable bidet

The Blue Bidet BB-1500 is an ambient water temperature attachable-bidet, made of high- impact ABS resin, with a self-cleaning three-position nozzle, internal mechanism is made of brass, and does not use electricity. Our bidets allow every member of the family  to improve  their personal hygiene after using the toilet, in a very convenient way.

Easy Installation

The BB-1500 very easy to install in all one or two pieces toilets, that include instructions (English & Spanish) with step-by-step pictures. All parts needed for installation are included. All connections for the BB-1500 are standards (3/8"). Blue Bidets do not require any modifications in your bathroom, and can be easily uninstalled if it needs to be moved to another location.

Blue Bidet is green

Using our bidets can save 75% or more on toilet paper use, helping to protect our forests and our environment. Other benefits: Blue Bidet helps in many diseases and relieves discomfort to those who suffer from: Hemorrhoids, Constipation, Diarrhea, Fissures, Crohn's Disease; as well as those recovering from: Colorectal surgery, Colostomy, Ulcerative Colitis (UC), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), J-Pouch patients.


The Blue Bidet BB-1500 comes with a full two-year limited-warranty, no questions asked.

MFB International Inc.: 25 years of experience selling bidets.

  • Retractable and self-cleaning nozzle
  • All connections are standards, 3/8"
  • Pressure and self-cleaning control knob
  • Internal mechanism made of brass
  • Metal connector

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